Message from the IWCI President

June 24, 2015

Who does IWCI support? Sometimes we lose track of why we do what we do. The IWCI mission is to provide quality education to the worker 's compensation community. However, another important purpose of IWCI is to support students pursuing a degree in the insurance industry. Please take time to read the letter from Madeline Sherbondy at Indiana State University. Greg Beasley recently attended the scholarship ceremony and met her. She is one of the many students who have received scholarships supported by IWCI. Your participation in IWCI makes this possible. [Madeline Sherbondy's letter to IWCI (PDF)]

Thanks for being a part of what makes IWCI valuable to these students.

Greg Hale, Ph.D.
President, Indiana Worker 's Compensation Institute

Why Join IWCI?

It's a fair question--why should you join IWCI?  We strive to add value to your membership by creating opportunities for networking, education, and access to your customers, vendors, and colleagues. Our membership benefits are soon getting even better as we begin implementation of our new online membership system. 

In addition to allowing you to manage your membership information and renewals, the system will allow you exclusive members-only access to the complete membership database, which we believe will be an invaluable tool for IWCI members.

And of course there is the annual meeting, golf outing, holiday party, monthly luncheons (discounted to members)... and so much more! If you are connected to the Workers' Comp industry in Indiana, you'll find no better resource than IWCI.  Join us won't you?