2014 IWCI Holiday Party

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Fit for Duties

Comp CluesThe Return-to-Work or Fit-For-Duties Evaluation is a type of assessment designed to identify whether an individual has the physical ability to perform part or all of his or her usual job tasks at some point in time following an injury. The Fit-For-Duties Evaluation is usually performed following a rehabilitation program or work absence, but may also be performed immediately following an injury. Read More»

Exclusive Remedy Applies to Estates and Carriers

Legal LinesIt is common knowledge in the workers' compensation community that the Workers' Compensation Act provides the exclusive remedy to employees pursuing damages due to a workplace injury, and any claims for those damages must be filed with the Workers' Compensation Board. However, in the recent case of Amerisafe Risk Services et al. v. The Estate of Hazel D. Wadsak et al., (Nov. 9, 2012) the trial court was faced with two specific questions concerning the exclusive remedy doctrine: (1) Does the doctrine apply when the employee dies and the claim is made by his estate? And (2) Does the doctrine apply when the allegation of wrongdoing is against the workers' compensation insurance company? In both cases, the ultimate answer is "yes." Read More»

Join Us for the 2014 IWCI Holiday Party

Once again we'll be gathering at the historic Columbia Club in downtown Indianapolis for our annual holiday celebration. Please join us for the festivities on December 4 beginning at 6 pm. Sponsorship opportunities are available.

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Why Join IWCI?

It's a fair question--why should you join IWCI?  We strive to add value to your membership by creating opportunities for networking, education, and access to your customers, vendors, and colleagues. Our membership benefits are soon getting even better as we begin implementation of our new online membership system. 

In addition to allowing you to manage your membership information and renewals, the system will allow you exclusive members-only access to the complete membership database, which we believe will be an invaluable tool for IWCI members.

And of course there is the annual meeting, golf outing, holiday party, monthly luncheons (discounted to members)... and so much more! If you are connected to the Workers' Comp industry in Indiana, you'll find no better resource than IWCI.  Join us won't you?